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Bee Pollen- Nature's Only True Multivitamin from A-Zinc

Bee Pollen- Nature's Only True Multivitamin from A-Zinc

Can you imagine if you found a food that provided you with nearly all of your nutritional requirements? Well bee pollen could be just that! It’s even been classed as a superfood because of its impressive health-boosting properties! Lately I’ve had a focus on foods that can be used functionally or even medicinally, to greatly improve energy levels, immunity and in turn quality of life. There are so many products that come as a result of the bee’s hard work collecting pollen. This week I decided to dig deep to find out about the power of bee pollen granules.


I recently researched the properties of manuka honey and wrote an article here. Until then I didn’t really know much about the benefits of honey or other by-products of bees. Then I heard about bee pollen granules and thought what a great way to conveniently get your daily intake of goodness!


More energy- yes please!


Fatigue can be an all too common result of our fast-paced lifestyles, particularly when we don’t include enough nutrients throughout our diets.  This can lead to feeling a bit like a human sloth, but you don’t have to live this way! Bee pollen granules contain a ridiculous level of energy-giving nutrients, including up to 200 known active substances.


Of its total weight, bee pollen is made up of around 32% protein. The fact that you can find all essential amino acids in bee pollen and scores of vitamins and minerals, may help to explain why bee pollen granules are such a great source of energy. Of course it’s also a great source of digestible carbohydrates!


  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12 are all found in bee pollen granules! Amongst other functions, B vitamins are essential to help convert the food you put into your body into energy.


  • There’s 28 important minerals found in the human body and guess what? They’re also all found in bee pollen granules! While only fourteen of those minerals are considered vital, with the intake of bee pollen granules you’ll have all bases covered. And then some.


  • Fatty acids help with energy production, cellular function and can even affect your moods! You can find multiple traces and varieties of fatty acids in bee pollen granules. Most importantly they include essential fatty acids (EFAs) that you must obtain from your diet for optimal health. These include an omega-6 called linoleic acid and an omega 3 called alpha-linolenic acid.


Increase physical strength


I was interested to see that Dr Mercola mentioned a study from The British Sports Council where it was found that athletes had a 40-50% increase in overall strength when supplement with bee pollen.


While it was a challenge to find further scientific evidence to support this claim, I did learn that bee pollen contains adaptogenic properties. What are they I hear you ask? They are particular compounds that help to balance hormones of your adrenal system. I was able to find a conclusion in a prominent study which indicated:


“Adaptogenics regulate the resistance to stress, resulting in enhanced mental and physical performance and, possibly, increased longevity”.


There’s definitely more reason for bee pollen’s amazing properties to be examined under the microscope further! If you lead not only a fast-paced life, but also an active one that involves a steady gym routine, then bee pollen granules can help you break through to the next level. Both physically and mentally. I know I’m pretty pumped to start sprinkling bee pollen granules over my cereal! 


Article by Shannon Davidson on behalf of Ultimately Natural

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Shannon Davidson

Posted By: Ultimately Natural on December 05, 2018


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