What’s The best way to consume Ultimately Natural Protein?

Our love of Smoothies led us to create something truly unique, now you can have your favourite smoothie on the run to. We recommend taking it with milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, water or juice, or it can be sprinkled onto yogurts or cereal. You'll even be able to incorporate it into special recipes or to bake with to create delicious high protein snacks.

What's the benefit of pea, rice, and hemp protein?

Our Vegan Matrix blend is a dairy free, vegan alternative consisting of three of the most powerful plant based proteins available. Still containing a full amino acid profile it is low calorie, nutrient dense and contains a healthy amount of Omega -3, -6 and -9 fats. Read more on our product info page.

Why use Whey Protein Concentrate over Whey Protein Isolate?

WPC and WPI are both rapidly absorbing proteins, so both are great directly after training. In fact, both are absorbed very quickly in comparison to any other protein sources (within 30 minutes). Both versions are very low in fats and carbs too, while whey protein concentrate (WPC) has around 5% fats and carbs which per 30g serve equates to less than 1.5g total fat and carb content, thus it is still very lean. However, the difference lies within the remaining nutrient content as WPC actually retains more amino acids, essential fatty acids and overall vitamin and mineral content than the more heavily refined whey protein isolate (WPI). This is because WPI is refined and processed to such a degree that it strips all the remaining good fats and carbs from final contents, leaving only an unnaturally high level of pure protein, to the point that it is devoid of all other nutrients. Therefore we do not use any whey isolate in our formulas as Ultimately Natural strives to only bring you products that have a high biological and nutritional value that help to achieve optimal health and well being.

Why so expensive?

We understand the price may be higher than our cheaply produced commercial competitors, but that’s because we go out of our way to ensure only premium, quality ingredients are used to flavour and enhance our formulas. This means real fruits, spices and superfoods are used as oppose to cheap artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Is it sold at any retailers?

Yes but stock and variations are limited. See website for full range

We are currently stocked by:

Juice Energy Smoothie Bar-Train Station @ Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD

Byron Juice Bar- Byron Bay, NSW

The Supplement Store: Nundah and Ashgrove, Brisbane QLD

Is it a meal Replacement?

While you can take our powders in replacement of a meal, we have not made claims to using our nutrition in replace of a healthy diet. While you will receive additional fibre, vitamins, and minerals in each serve, the product must undergo stringent testing by the Therapeutic Goods Association Australia before any such claims are made. We only promote our products as an addition to a healthy diet, not a complete alternative.

 How does it differ from other proteins?

“We are the only company using unique smoothie flavours created from the goodness of real ground down wholefoods such as fruits, spices and superfoods to flavour the final protein product. We do this all without the use of any artificial, flavours, sweeteners, fillers or preservatives, just 100% natural”. This also includes avoiding the use of the very misleading “natural flavours”, often disguised as natural in most products who are merely jumping on the trend.

Are your products certified organic?

We endeavour to always use the best ingredients possible and while all of them are natural (the way they are found in nature) our vegan blends do use 100% organic ingredients. We are working towards becoming certified organic across our entire range in the near future. 

When is the best time to take it?

Feel like a snack? Ultimately Natural is a fantastic alternative to eating naughty snacks such as those that contain refined sugars, grains, salts and are low in nutrient density. It is also fantastic taken pre or post workout, flooding your body with natural energy, vitamins, nutrients while maximising your recovery levels and performance potential.

What makes your ingredients so special?

We do our very best to source the purest ingredients with the highest nutritional content possible. All of our products are free of bulking agents, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and flavours. Our fruit powders are created using a method called Refractance Window drying which gently removes moisture from the fruit. The process is considered 'self-limiting' which basically means it preserves excellent levels of flavour, colour, and nutrients from the original food.

Will I have increased energy?

Absolutely! In this day in age with our demanding work schedule and desire to stay fit and healthy it can be hard to give the body all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need to stay in optimal condition. Ultimately Natural aims to help you achieve this in conjunction with a well balanced diet, allowing you to recover faster and perform longer.

Will it help me build muscle?

Yes! After intense physical exercise our body needs a high quality food source to allow it to rebuild damaged muscle fibres. Our premium range of naturally flavoured whey protein concentrates and vegan proteins have all the necessary macro and micro nutrients needed to assist your body in the recovery phase.

Will it help me lose weight (body fat)?

Ultimately Natural proteins used in conjunction with a well balanced diet and regular exercise can assist with weight loss.

Can I use this product when pregnant?

Yes. Ultimately Natural Protein can be used to supplement your protein needs during pregnancy. It is always best to first consult your health care professional and never exceed the recommended requirements.

Does your product contain fibre and what are the benefits?

Yes! Fibre plays an important role in the healthy function of your liver, digestion and overall metabolism. Your liver is responsible for removing toxins and helping to regulate body metabolism. Fibre also helps stabilise blood sugar levels which allows for sustained energy. The onset of sickness and disease is also greatly reduced when your diet contains a healthy level of fibre. Because all of Ultimately Natural's proteins have been flavoured using real fruit and superfood powders, naturally this has also added to the fibre content in the formulas. On average you'll find most of our products add between 1-3g of fibre per serve.

What if I am diabetic?

Ultimately Natural protein is low GI, this means you will not have a big insulin spike but a more steady release of energy making it suitable for use by diabetics. It is always best to first consult your health care professional and never exceed the recommended requirements.

Should I refrigerate Ultimately Natural Protein?

It is not absolutely necessary to refrigerate, but because our product contains real foods we do recommend refrigeration or freezing after opening to ensure the product stays fresh and tasting delicious for longer.

Are you Australian made?

While we do source all of our proteins and fruit powders locally our top superfoods have been imported from the worlds top suppliers.

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