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Hemp Protein - Nature's Healthiest Vegan Protein Source

Hemp Protein - Nature's Healthiest Vegan Protein Source

Are you searching for a new plant based protein powder but overwhelmed by all the options? You might have noticed plant based proteins are becoming increasingly popular, with many health gurus making the big switch. Like many of us, you’re probably searching for a specific protein powder that will allow you to direct more energy towards your workout. Hemp protein is leading the pack in terms of high quality proteins and you’re about to find out why. Your search for the perfect plant based protein may have just ended. 


Why hemp protein?

If you’ve swung towards a vegan lifestyle, then questions like “but where do you get your protein from?” have to be one of the most nagging and consistent questions you have heard thus far. Many people are of the belief that plant based protein powders are incomplete. This is certainly not true when it comes to hemp protein powder. More on that soon.


One of the biggest benefits about hemp protein powder is that it is easily digested. This could be thanks to two particular proteins albumin and edestin, known to be great digestion aids. When the body expels less energy towards digestion this leaves more energy to play with!


Amino acids galore


Back to the complete protein debate. Hemp protein powder contains all 20 amino acids which is a pretty impressive profile if you ask us. We’re sure you’ve already learnt about the nine essential amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own? Well hemp protein contains all of them too, therefore you don’t need to search far and wide to get your daily intake for optimal performance.


Rich Omega Profile


Having a balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in your diet contributes to healthy brain function, heart, immune system and much more.  You’re probably familiar with finding them in fish sources or supplements. As with the essential amino acids, your body cannot produce essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and hemp protein is a perfect source for both omega 3 and omega 6.


One of those omega 6’s is called gamma linolenic acid or GLA which is hard to come by in food sources. In some studies GLA has been found to assist in weight loss, which is one reason why you may be taking protein powder in the first place.


Both omega3 and 6 found in hemp protein powder are considered “optimal for human health” as published in Hempseed as a Nutritional Resource. If you’re interested in reading up more on the benefits of EFA’s then Dr Mercola writes a great article here.


No nasty chemicals

Hemp protein is derived from the hemp seed and you’ll find it hard to believe just how under-processed the cultivation is. Buying organic hemp protein powder means no pesticides, insecticides and other health-destroying chemicals are used throughout the journey from seed to shelf. This is a double win for both your health and the health of our environment.


Packed full of nutrients

Why not help to fulfil your dietary requirements of nutrients at the same time as taking your protein for your workout? 100 grams of hemp protein powder contains 53% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium and a whopping 83% RDI of iron.


This is great news if you’re a vegan or vegetarian as sometimes you may struggle to get sufficient supplies of both calcium and iron in your diet. You will also find plenty of fibre in hemp protein powder, which works in turn to help with your overall metabolism and fitness goals.


It won’t make you high but will keep you healthy

Your friends might joke that you’re getting high by taking hemp protein powder but they’ll be pretty disappointed to find out that there’s next to no levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp protein. This is the chemical responsible for the “high” you experience when smoking cannabis. Hemp protein is one of the cleanest plant based protein powders you will ever find. It’s also nutritionally dense compared to other plant based proteins currently on the market.


Hemp protein will be legalised for sale in Australia as of 24 April 2017, which is a great time to check out Ultimately Natural’s own Australia first triple vegan protein blend containing hemp protein.  


Article by Shannon Davidson 

Posted By: Elliott Johnston on December 05, 2018


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