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Our Best Supergreens Combo Yet!

Our Best Supergreens Combo Yet!

You’ve been hearing it since you were old enough to sit in a high chair. Eat your greens or there will be no dessert for you! Half the time you reluctantly stuffed broccoli into your mouth, with your best yum, yum, yum face, just so you could get that bowl of delicious choc ice-cream. Now that you’re an older, more responsible version of your toddler-self, you only have yourself to rely on. Getting a sufficient intake of greens every day is not always easy. That’s where supergreen blends come in for the rescue. They’re simple to add to smoothies or to straight shoot on the go. Not quite sure about the health benefits? Lettuce fill you in.


Supergreens- What exactly are they and why should I pay attention?


A supergreen blend is one that contains some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. As the name suggests, I’m talking about plant forms. The kind that over time have been prized for their rich mineral content and ability to greatly improve your health and vitality. Ultimately Natural’s Supergreen Blendincludes:


1. AUSTRALIAN ORGANIC WHEATGRASS - I heavily researched the health benefits of wheatgrass years ago. Including the potential for anti-cancer properties in select trials. Wheatgrass is ideal for an energy boost, due to its many nutrients that help detoxify your body:


  • Vitamins A to C- Glowing skin, digestive aids, eye health and much more.
  • 17 amino acids- Your body relies on amino acids in order to carry out many important processesincluding energy production and muscle growth.  
  • Chlorophyll-  Perhaps the most powerful aspect of wheatgrass. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which could be the main anti-cancer properties attributed to wheatgrass.


2. ORGANIC SPIRULINA-  Another amazing plant that can be found growing on the surface of ponds and waterways. Dr Mercola quotes spirulina as one of nature’s near perfect foods:


  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids- These are the ones your body cannot produce on its own and relies on food to obtain them for optimal functioning.
  • High in Iron- As I’m a vegetarian I want to be sure to keep my iron stocks high - there’s 58mg of iron per 100g of spirulina.
  • High in protein- Surprisingly spirulina contains more protein than red meat as it has 65-71% complete protein compared to beef!  


3. ORGANIC CHLORELLA- Great for an overall detox from every day toxins from food, chemical products and the environment. Chlorella is also infamous for:


  • Aiding in weight loss- Thanks to the detoxifying effects, your body operates from a state of improved circulation, metabolism and overall energy.
  • Boosting immunity - Promotes immune cell growth, being your first line of attack against foreign pathogens that lead to disease or sickness.


4. ORGANIC KALE- No stranger to the superfood spotlight and has had a strong running in health food stores. In case you haven’t heard here are a select few benefits:


  • Ridiculous level of vitamins- Dr Axe reports that in one cup of kale you’ll find- 684%RDI of Vitamin K, 206%RDI of Vitamin A and 134%RDI of Vitamin C.
  • Powerful detoxifier – Much like the other greens, kale has a high level of antioxidants that help to destroy free-radicals in the body, preventing disease from forming.


5. AUSTRALIAN ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS- Perhaps one of the lesser known superfood greens but shouldn’t be overlooked due to it being a:


  • Great source of selenium- Helps to improve skin appearance and protect your cells from damage which means one thing- healthy glowing skin!
  • pH balancer- A natural alkaliser which reduces acidity within the body- the main breeding ground for disease.


But why organic?


As with any fresh produce found in supermarket aisles, there is a rigorous process to get that food from farm to shelf. To keep up with mass production and cost-cutting, this involves the use of chemical sprays on crops, such as fungicides and pesticides.


These chemicals destroy the nutrient profile and are toxic to your health. Choosing organic guarantees that the whole process from start to finish is a thoughtful one. It involves farmers that keep your health in mind and take pride in producing the highest quality foods.


A perfect combination


What I like the most about Ultimately Natural’s supergreens mix is that it’s a heap of greens that I would otherwise take individually, rolled into one! Each quality, organic green has been carefully selected for this blend. You can really see the love that has gone into creating this unique and powerful mix. 


Article by Shannon Davidson on behalf of Ultimately Natural

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Shannon Davidson

Posted By: Ultimately Natural on December 05, 2018


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