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The Powerful Effects of Super Berries

The Powerful Effects of Super Berries

A lot of my diet choices are influenced by scientific studies on the powerful properties of certain foods. I like to see cold, hard evidence on health benefits, not just that it’s the latest hype! Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of berries and always grab a punnet of tasty little morsels at the supermarket. Finding a high quality berry blend superfood mix is also an easy way to include some of the healthiest foods known to man. I’ve also been attracted to foods with vibrant colours and it turns out those colours hold their own unique properties for overall vitality.

A lot of people are now realising the protective properties of berries and are using them as a functional food. Many varieties of berries contain high levels of antioxidants which scavenge free-radicals within the body. Free-radicals are the result of factors such as a poor diet, alcohol, pollution and even every day stress. Without a sufficient intake of antioxidants, free-radicals can lead to disease in the body. The berry market in Australia alone had an estimated value of $50 million in 2014/2015!

The bright colour in berries

The natural pigment anthocyanins helps to give berries their rich blues, reds and purples. Anthocyanins have been found to significantly suppress the growth of particular tumour cells in cancer patients. Much like many other properties in berries, this unique pigment is an antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Bioactive compounds

Berries contain some of the highest levels of bioactive compounds (BAC) on earth. BACs are groups of chemicals that are powerful antioxidants which help to fight against chronic disease including cancer and heart disease.

Published studies show that BAC properties are actually more important than the general nutritional value of berries, such as their vitamin and mineral content. BAC are especially potent in strawberries, blackberries and cranberries, which just so happen to be some of the best tasting varieties!

Impressive nutritional profile

Berries are a great healthy option as they are high in fibre, low in calories and fat and also take care of your sweet tooth! High fibre diets in particular have been strongly linked to weight loss. Since I’ve been including more berries in my diet, I’ve also noticed a lot more sustained energy throughout the day.


Vitamin C is a known antioxidant and strawberries in particular contain 113% of your RDI per cup.  What better way to boost your immunity! Strawberries are also a rich source of manganese which is beneficial for healthy bone function.



In an article by Dr Axe, he suggests that blueberries are one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. Now that’s a big call! He points to their long-life health benefits and high content of vitamin K and vitamin C.


One of the most popular superfood berries on the planet and now a staple on many café menus around the country! Why? Acai helps to clear out toxins within the body and promotes healthy, glowing skin. Acai berries contain some of the most powerful antioxidants you can get your hands on- 10x that of red grapes!


These are just a select few varieties found in the berry blend superfood mix by Ultimately Natural. If you’re looking for particular foods to improve your overall health, boost your immunity and energy levels then look no further! Berries are a great addition to your diet that help to combat long term health goals. 


 “The initiation, promotion, and progression of cancer, as well as the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy, have been linked to the imbalance between the antioxidant defense system”- US National Institutes of Health 

Article by Shannon Davidson on behalf of Ultimately Natural

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Shannon Davidson

Posted By: Ultimately Natural on December 05, 2018


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