Our Story

Where it all started

Hi, I’m Mike. I am an avid surfer, outdoor enthusiast and superfood guru. I have an obsession with researching all things in health sciences, especially when it comes to nutritional health, meta-physics and sciences of the mind, body and spirit connection. 

My deep curiosity with nutrition and endless search for naturally derived, sports enhancing, nutritional supplements, caused much frustration early on as I was unable to find natural products that simply used real food to enhance their products.

So I initially started Ultimately Natural because I was frustrated with the lack of natural protein powders available on the market that contained real food ingredients but that also tasted great. 

What started off as a simple desire to create my own real fruit, wholefood infused, natural protein powders, quickly became a product my friends wanted to purchase. Some time later I decided to make a business from it and turned my all time favourite smoothie creations into a variety of protein infused, powdered blends that would come to life by just adding liquid.  A real food version of a fruit smoothie protein shake!  

So if you struggle with lethargy, weight gain or just attaining greater health and well-being and have ever wondered what is actually in the supplements you are taking, then you are amongst friends! We are not just a protein company giving lip service to the idea of being natural. We live and breathe a naturally, healthier life and it is at the very core of what we do and why we do it. We believe we have the tastiest, most natural protein powder without additives on the market. 

Our Journey

A search for health and happiness 

A passion for optimal health and well being was the motivation behind Ultimately Natural. Eating a diet rich in nutrient dense and delicious wholefoods that were also convenient was what inspired this young entrepreneur to take the simple idea of a fruit smoothie and turn it into a wholesome protein enriched powder that people could enjoy anywhere at anytime. However, I quickly found myself competing in a world filled with products loaded with unnecessary, nasty additives which was fueled by hype.

As the original founder I took a personal oath to swear by my core values within the business and to ensure it would stand apart in a market obsessed with chemically filled, low carb, low fat and misleading products promoted as healthy & natural. I decided that Ultimately Natural would become an honest and trusted emblem of what I believed in and to stay true to what inspired its creation - natural food, great taste and real results. Performance Powered By Nature!


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