Real Mixed Berry Natural Vegan Protein Powder


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 Energy    Recovery    Fat Loss    Skin, hair & nail health   Immune boost   

Real Mixed Berry Natural Vegan Protein Powder, is our premium, super smoothie inspired, wholefood natural plant-based protein powder blend that is loaded with nature's most ultimate health and performance foods, including real banana and real berries, to ensure your body is nourished with only the best tasting and most nutritious ingredients. Based on nature's best three plant based protein powders, pea, rice and hemp protein, you won't miss out on any vital essential amino acids ith these plant based powerhouses. Just shake and take.

80 % Plant Protein Fusion - Pea, Rice & Hemp Protein Powders- This blend combines nature's best plant proteins naturally high in amino acids, essential fatty acids and other highly active vitamins and nutrients. Great for recovery and overall health and well being.

Real Banana - Rich in Potassium, Tryptophan, and B6 which supports a happy brain and strong muscles

Super Berry Blend (Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry): Rich in cell repairing antioxidants and immune boosting vitamins and minerals berries are an excellent accompaniment to any exercise program or simply for general well being and vitality.

Organic Stevia - All natural plant extract used for centuries as a natural sweetener.